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El Loco



El Loco, a crazy idea to mix film noir and mexican luchadores in one single film. This has been the more technically challenging film to time due to many reasons.

I created a complex plot with too many situations. This was not properly expressed in the story board and to the camera man/editor. Also I had to change the script on the fly because we missed one actor and the actress. Thanks to Saloua’s help (zero acting training) we managed to put something together.

Additionally, there was a heavy use of the green screen, which limited the artistic angles that we wanted to use.

And finally, each of us had different ideas of what the film had to be, so it took a long time until the edition was finished.

Having said all that, I still think that the end result reaches certain level of quality and sets us to look forward new goals.

Reinie does a great job as a masked man, as only his eyes and body language could be used for the character.


Hete is the making of the fight in the garden..

and the less exciting  car scene… but technically more advanced..

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