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A simple job



After almost two years creating some small shorts we were ready for our next challenge. We submitted our entry for the 48 hour film project in Utrecht.

As we only had 48 hours to create the full film, including script, editing, and exporting of the film; we had to focus on our activities. So for the first time I decided to step out of my acting role to move into scripting and direction.

With the biggest crew we ever had, but still being the smallest crew of the competition, we managed to deliver a short but intense story about two foreign criminals confused by the language barriers on a simple job.

We are requested to create a “Buddy film” with the following components:
– A goldfish
– The line “the summer is over”
– Character Kirsten Neumann, a haiku poet

The end result is not perfect, and no we didn’t win any prize. Although considering that we were the only non Dutch group on a festival supporting the Dutch film, it was expected.

Still we are really proud of what we managed to achieved.

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