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All in



This is a short I wrote, filmed, edited, and directed. I decided not to act here as we did not have a team to take care of the equipment, sound, etc… basically we were two behind the camera and 3 to 4 in front of it. Quite a challenge. I tried to create a sober atmosphere with the lighting I had.

The story is inspired by the song “el Tahur” by los Tigres del Norte, and also by an actual story that took place in India.

The film was shot in two days, to allow the actors enough time to rest, as well as to have many takes of the same part. The actors were new to this, so it was easier this way to ensure we had some acceptable takes.

We also messed up with the sound on the first scene, which we had to fix through voice over. Due to the “croupier” actor being on holidays I put my voice for him. My Italian accent was not great, but it was short enough to be acceptable.


This is to show how many takes we had to do during the filming of All In. This allowed our unexperienced actors to try different things, our unexperienced camera man to have many takes, and our unexperienced editor to be able to take the best one… (no sound editing, i.e sound is raw)

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