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We are not Mexican(s) – Part 2/2



This second part was filmed in parallel with the first, and in fact, some sequences were filmed before we completed the first part due to the multiple locations.

Issues with the wind on location forced us to voice over the entire sequence outside the car, adding all required sound effects for it.

We found very difficult to find a place where 3 masked men could do this kind of stuff without dragging the attention from the general public, so we had to chose a week-end day on a business area hoping not to appear on CCTV cameras.

We had lots of issues on how to fake a car driving a relatively high speed and making some believeable act for the body to fall out of the car… Well we rely on the fact that the viewer recreates more in his mind that the reality he can see…

It was a tough editing job to reduce the overall time to just above 4:30 minutes, as we started with around 6 minutes for this part. Some dialog was reduced and the action was shortened.

Having shot the first sequence as one single sequence made the edition almost impossible. The pace was not fast enough, finally I gave up and added two cuts to make it faster.

Hope you Enjoy

One thought on “We are not Mexican(s) – Part 2/2

  1. I love the ending. Great finish! “we are not mexicans!”
    Of course I am biased coz it was me… ^^ I had to jump as if to fake it, and post production special effects took over. Thumbs up for the film editor..

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