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I got in contact with a PhD student (Giannicola Scarpa) who was aiming to make a short about quantum mechanics for a competition. He came with quite an interesting script and he was so enthusiastic that I could not refuse the chance to collaborate in the project.

I lend him all most of my equipment, and worked together to complete the project within a week. Gianni was the writer, director, part-time camera and editor.

I acted in the film as Erwin and I helped with the camera whenever I was not in front of it.

The result is pretty interesting and the story works very well as a whole. Deniz playing in her first short was great. We are hopping she will play in some of Backflop shorts soon. (and she did)

Directed by Giannicola Scarpa – written by Cristina-Iulia Bucur and Giannicola Scarpa – with Harry Buhrman, Juan Martinez and Deniz U─čurlar.

Shot in the streets of Amsterdam, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica and muzyQ studios.

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