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The main short we did in 2013 was Breakfast. Based on a true story someone once told me during a night out.

We filmed this short in two days and in about 4 locations. The most complicated takes were on the bed scene. Limited by the space and the technicalities of “what parts of the body we could show”, we looked for angles and positions that could still show the tricky situation the two characters had gone through, without having the freedom to move the camera around, or to show how nude the girl really was.

Due to time pressure, my takes in the last scene were very limited, so quite some editing magic was key to save what we had.
And last but not least, we had a composer! Steve Garbade provided a nice soundtrack based on the early takes. It made the film take a new dimension that I initially did not foresee. Considering we worked remotely, it was a nice work that we put together.

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