Backflop is a micro-budget production association aiming to create quality shorts made with international teams for an international coverage.

Created by Reinie Cham and Juan Martinez in 2009. They met at the Mulholland Acting Academy in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Against all odds, these actors joined forces to write, direct, produce, film, and play on short films and founded Backflop, the underdog that was going to stay for the long run.

They have acquired great experience through time, achieving quality results and reached an online success with over 190,000 views.

Microbudget means that we have limited equipment, short timelines, and reduced teams. All this is compensated by creativity, motivation, dedication, and skills.

They have collaborated with actors from all over Europe and crews from all over the world.

If you walk around any street in Europe and you see a bunch of people taping a camera to some bicycle, or trying to jump a fence with a camera to get the perfect angle, just ask them if you can help as they might be Backflop.

Every sketch was filmed with the limitations of times and cost. Backflop are great followers of the micro budget. Time is limited due to the fact that their components have “normal” jobs and lives that they need to attend to. Budget is constraint because they don’t have any customers yet and they do it for themselves and for everyone.