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Left turn



This is a script I thought from a story that I was told in Mexico from a taxi driver. The real story differs from location (a real taxi) and the end. But the concept was very similar.

We had lots of technical challenges in this film. First location, a car is by far not the easiest places to film. It has very limited space and the different between exterior and interior light is a nightmare. Second, the camera and audio, sometimes the focus was not good, sometimes the audio wasn’t good at all. We had to do a lot of voice over and editing to correct it. And third, the green screen for the car in movement was hard to get right due to Sun light.

The script was rehearsed and played multiple times, so the end result is pretty satisfactory. As well we played on each other, so we believed more on our roles than in other occasions.


Initially it was the trailer, then it became the teaser, which is the trailer of the trailer, now we have the pre-teaser, which is the teaser of the teaser… It was so teasing that we changed the title

This is literally behind the cameras scene… as you can see the actors are behind the camera. And their intelligence is noticed by the lack of it…

Here is Juan & Reinie setting up the camera, and Pedro walking on the background….

Below are just three examples of the trouble that we went through to complete LEFT TURN, the most ambitious production from Backflop.

and now yet another teaser of what can go wrong…


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