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Monkey blindness 2



A new episode of Monkey Blindness, the story of a man who can’t see monkeys properly, and a monkey that tries to revenge the death of his child.

A walk in the park can be a dangerous activity when revenge needs to be served. But the man and the monkey are not alone.

We met with Reinie Chamonal in order to look for good filming locations, as we hadn’t done a film recently we decided to improvised some monkey story. We found a couple of spots and decided to go for a very simplistic story. The monkey was going to fail on his attack a few times.

All of a sudden the sheep that were there went after Saloua and she got really scared. After we finish laughing a lot from the incident, we decided to try getting the sheep involved in the film. All of a sudden it became a revenge story within a revenge story.

Filmed with my new Canon camera, I wanted to try the handheld stability, auto focus, and different angles.

The second objective was to create a known character set with Monkey (now with a name: Bratt) and the Monkey blind man.

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